Embed insights easily and make your data story shine. Easy to create and fast to market service for your analytics needs.

About us

Our unique platform offers you the opportunity to present a cogent and cohesive data story that fits the needs of your organization. Don't let your investment in multiple BI tools limit your Data Story. Our analytics platform provides a fast go-to market solution that requires very little maintenance.

Oftentimes, fragmented investment in different Analytics tools hinder your ability to present a cohesive Data Story of your organization. We are here to help! We work with MicroStrategy, Tableau, PowerBI, Pyramid Analytics, D3JS, Google Charts and many other visualization platforms.

Our Values

MISSION: It is our mission to make your data accessible in your organization.

VISION: Our vision is to connect every analytics platforms to enable decision making more efficient.


What we offer


Our platform and your data - we make a great team.

Data Story

Tools alone don't tell a story - we could help you build it.


We stand by our product and offer amazing services to support your data story.


Our seasoned team has decades of experience in building amazing data stories.


Our experts are certified in tools and technologies we partner with. Bring your own license (BYOL) or we can help you secure them.


We are in this together. Think of us as your extended team.


What we have created

mSightly Design


Simple, Intuitive and Responsive design that blends native charts with MicroStrategy URL API, Tableau Javascript API and other APIs.

mSightly Navigation


Quickly navigate using sidebar. You can utilize the native capabilities of the tool and maintain context of your filters across the app.

mSightly Data Storage

Data Storage & Security

We take data security very seriously. All traffic is encrypted end to end. We don't store your data. You control how you store the data and manage authentication.

mSightly Privacy

User Privacy

Your designated admins can manage user profiles and we can help you integrate it with BI tools.

mSightly Personalization

Personalized Content

Drag and drop various vizzes to quickly customize the layout. Easily customizable themes out of the box. You can build your own themes and use your own branding.

mSightly Hosted

Hosted in Cloud

Our service is hosted in AWS and we also support Azure and GCP. You can host in-house too.



Please contact us for Free Trial or to schedule a live demo.

1775, Tysons Blvd, McLean, VA 22102

+1 301 458 0450