NJ-NY-CT-MA vs Rest of USA


Source: The COVID Tracking Project (www.covidtracking.com). Updated at around 6:00 pm EST.

Purpose: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut were the original COVID-19 hotspots in the US. However slowly, the rest of the US started reporting more and more cases. This chart examines the trends in NY, NJ, MA, CT vs newly emerging hotspots such as CA, AZ, TX, FL, GA, NC, SC vs DMV (DC, DE, MD, VA) vs rest of the US.
How to read this: This is a trend chart to compare trends of cases, deaths, current hospitalizations and total daily tests among different cohort of states. You can use the drop down filters to remove cohorts or states within a cohort. Since all cohorts have a different range of values - they are scaled differently to ensure trends are clearly visible. Another way to showcase this would have been to use a log scale. The dotted trend lines are generated using 3rd degree polynomial function in Tableau based on new cases (Y axis).

x-axis is days (left to right is oldest to the newest).

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